About District

Raipur being Geographically Located almost at the centre of the Chhattisgarh state, was made its capital. District Raipur Extends from latitude 21° 23″ to longitude 81° 65″.

Area – District Raipur was divided into three parts in the year 1998 resulting in the formation of Mahasamund and Dhamtari districts. Similarly, in the year 2011, Raipur was again divided forming two new districts namely Gariaband and Balodabazar-Bhatapara. Raipur district includes Dharsiwa, Arang, Abhanpur and Tilda plains.Raipur district is situated at 244 to 409 meters above sea level.

Neighbouring Districts – Durg, Bemetara, Balodabazar-Bhatapara, Mahasamund,and Dhamtari.

Rivers – Mahanadi and Kharun are the major rivers of Raipur district. Mahanadi is the most important river of Chhattisgarh, originating from Shrungi mountains in Sihawa Tehsil of Dhamtari district. Kharun is another important river flowing in Raipur and Durg districts which originates in the hills of Petchuva in Durg district.

Climate and Rainfall – Raipur district has the maximum temperature of 44.3° C and minimum of 12.5° C The total average rainfall in the district is 1370 mm.

Soil – The area includes Kanhar, Dorsa, Matasi, Kachar and Bhatha lands with a PH average of 6.5 to 7.5 which is considered very useful for agriculture.